Widebody Comet Showcase (Tuners & Outlaws DLC)
Hey everyone,

I'm DeejayJeanP, I just joined up, and figured I'd give you guys a taste of what I've been most known for. I've been on Youtube for about ten years, but only started this channel (Logic Films) a year ago. It's mostly based on GTA V machinimas and other types of videos, but we feature other games and content on the channel too, like vlogs, or different games like Forza Horizon 3. I've recruited three other video creators to join my team, and they make awesome content too :)

I have been featured a bunch of times by Rockstar on their frontpage/NewsWire, so I figured I'd show one type of video I'm known for, car showcases. Sometimes of older cars, mostly on new cars! I also make sort of frag movies, but I'll save that for another post :)

Hopefully you guys will like it, and think it's worth a subscription, we're almost at 1000 subscribers at the moment (910) now, so that would be dope
Enjoy !


Logic Films
215 Views · Uploaded By: LogicFilms · 28th Oct 2016