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Joined: 8th Jan 2017
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29th May 2017

This page is to assist our members (directors) in finding suitable participants to act in their projects.

Please clearly outline the platform which you operate on , the roll required and what you expect from them in terms of timezone and required scene setter  game props 
( weapons and owned vehicles and dress/appearance for the part). Happy Filming...

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Joined: 8th Jan 2017
Rank: Acclaimed Director
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29th May 2017

I'm on xbox one, looking to be either doing a pilot towards a series or just a one-shot.

Basically I'm looking to be doing a kind of prequel to Mad Max called MAD JUSTICE
making a police action series based around The MFP (MAIN FORCE PATROL) as they struggle to " maintain right" amid the massive crime wave known in the media as The Disorder which is sweeping the globe following mass fuel shortages and global recession. I'm looking for 2 MFP patrol men one to ride shotgun in Duke O Death with myself the other to play the part of Jim Goose on a silver and blue motorcycle possible a Bati with MFP logo on it.

Dress sense is plain black standard leather jacket with white T-shirt and plain black leather trousers, with dark aviators and white open faced helmet for the biker. Badge will be displayed on chest and vehicles ( Duke O Death and bike), provided by with my shell crew LOCO LOGOS. Weapons - Heavy Pistol,Marksman pistol, AP pistol and saw-off double barrel shotgun.

Also Looking for Gang members a total of 8 one must have access to an armoured boxville, a phantom wedge also Ratbikes and Karin Tactical required as vehicles. For gang members - Dress sense post apocalyptic punk, Mohawk hair dos, spiked motorcycle helmets, re breathers plus road goggles combos and scummy worn leathers and denims with various skull make-up types as war paint. You get the idea. Weapons - Machine Pistols, Grenade Launchers, Mini guns and Molotov Cocktails .

The idea is to create a sense that the under funded MFP is fighting a loosing battle against a foe that has more numbers and guns. Though against the odds they prevail.

It will be a basic, chase and shoot out scenario with some staged expositions along the way to add some flavour.

My timezone is Central European time typically taking place around 11pm for thursday/friday nights. With maybe four sessions in total each lasting 1-2 hours of game time.

Payment will take shape in form of screen credit and undying gratitude.
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Last Edit: 29th May 2017 by SAVAGE CELLULOID
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