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Joined: 15th Feb 2017
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17th Feb 2017

Hello everyone! I want to show you my little collection of poorly made videos, which i made with 0 effort due to my lazyness and lack of skills. 

The First one is a music video. The graphics are bad, couse I had back then old pc with 550ti graphic card. With little help from my GF I managed to make a clip about a girl which want to live some better life, while she have to be happy about what she have. ( Yup, the LGBT )

Second is much worse, I just got open-interiors mod and wanted to have fun with it. Well, all what i wanted is just to do shooting video with John Wick score in background. Not directed at all. Just bunch of clips mashed together. 

Third one is very similiar to the second. Only with that diffrence i was not using any mods. I'ts pure gameplay on Juggernout mode. Nothing was staged. I just tought its gonna be fun to record my raw gameplay, but I did so well, that I had to make something more with it. A music clip. (I love the thumbnail on this one)

Next one is unfinished project. I wanted to remake my video called Noir ( ... WacmpZm8gHI&t=3s ) durning the snow event, but when I needed to make more scenes all snow gone. So I had to scrap everything to one scene which is reference to the JoJo's meme.

Aaaaaaand, the last one. This supposed to be attempt of zombie smash video, but with lack of Sony Vegas (which I have now) I just added music to it. And the song fits to it IMHO.

And pretty much a test video. I wanted to try a few tricks with camera and effects all in one. Nothing much, but It can be found enjoyable I quess.

So, the spam is over. For the end I want to say that Im looking for some ppl on PC to have fun with making vids, couse doing everything alone its pretty much hard and boring after few hours. 

Take care and have a nice day! .o/
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Joined: 15th Feb 2017
Rank: Director
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19th Feb 2017

The new one. 
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Joined: 21st Feb 2017
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21st Feb 2017

Cool stuff! I had a quick look but i'll come back later to rewatch everything! Really liked the first and last one
Joined: 15th Feb 2017
Rank: Director
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22nd Mar 2017

Second video with scene director. A very short one. Mostly I wanted to make a quick hand to hand combat, but that will work too.

Joined: 15th Feb 2017
Rank: Director
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3rd Jun 2017

Something new
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Joined: 15th Feb 2017
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6th Jun 2017

My whole project went batshit crazy and I had to delete it. So here it is, the bunch of clips I wanted to use later on. The thing is... I won't. Still, that shows what's coming next.

(I need to record everything from scratch once again.)

80's horror.

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Joined: 15th Feb 2017
Rank: Director
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8th Jun 2017

The Prologue of my new series ,,Half Decade Later''

5 Years ago, a unknown virus started to attack Sand Andreas, turning people to crazy and angry beasts, whos main target is human flesh. Even after long starvation they manage to being alive, like the walking dead. Now, winter has come, the infected are much slower, and city seems more safe. But for how long?

It's time to inspect a nearby police station. And find some supplies. Before the spring comes.

In video I have not not used a single copyrighted song. Everything is downloaded (including sound effects) from royality-free sources.

Yet I got 3 copyrights xD


Last Edit: 8th Jun 2017 by Merathius
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