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19th Nov 2015

                                                                       Navigating The Site

Ok,so you just signed up and your want to post a video. Here's the basics...

First thing you should do is go to the the menu bar on the homepage and click Forum.
You will now see a list of different styles,movies,documentaries, your video in the relevent section and there you go! 

Now you want to get your video in the most recent videos added,Simply click on one of the videos in the section(watch it if you ain't already) and then click all videos...then add video..done.

If you want to post a request for actors or any other colaboration...there is a section for that too.

Also,when you want to respond to a video,leave your comment in the comment section under the post to save space on site.

We want to see your talent shine through,see the city through your eyes...Your here because you have the creative flair to know there is so much more to GTA than mindless killing in public lobbies..All styles are welcome,as long as it is your creative best at the time were happy.

Suggestions are more than welcome,I've already had a few stunning suggestions from you guys already so keep em coming. Post them in the General Discussion Section I wish you all the best in this here movie business...
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Keep yer ears open n yer mouth shut

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8th Jan

hello i'm glad to be part of the crew but i do not speak good english; but I love to make small montages etc my ID ps4 BLACK-VAUDOU; I play gta often and other games too I take the time to discover the forum do you accept that I add you as a friend ??
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