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Joined: 17th Jun 2016
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17th Jun 2016

Hi guys! I'm new here as you can probably see, but I thought it was strange that there's no thread where people could introduce themselves, I mean, I'm thinking we're kind of our own community within the GTA Player population, and I didn't find a place where Members, new or old, could introduce themselves, so I just started this topic, hope I'm not doing anything wrong...

Moving forward, I'm TX3RN0BILL, I've studied communication sciences and took even some technical courses in AV Post Production, having worked in the TV area for 7 years. I'm a long-time fan of Machinimas even though the only one I did was quite a few years ago in a game called "Operation Flashpoint" with some friends in a LAN session... it was a small crappy thing but back then I felt awesome to even just have pulled that off... 

And now along comes GTA V and I'm thinking that for now it's the best place to do stuff because although in GTA Online your level of control is limited, I've seen already some amazing things been done. I'm also preparing to do another machinima as well - my first full-length feature film actually - and I'm half-way done writing the script - Rockstar loves to give us nice updates so I just can't help but think of ways how to implement them... So I'm here looking to gain even more experience in script-writing and acting, if anybody needs it, because to have an open mind and gaining experience will ultimately improve my pre- and production! And if along the way I can contribute to your projects as well, all the better! So let me know what you're all planning to do, especially given the latest Finances and Felony update!


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Joined: 8th Jan 2017
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12th Jan 2017

Hi, just joined a few days ago. Still trying to find my feet with the site, once I do I'll be posting a lot more.

A bit of background, I'm a Scotsman currently living in Spain. I try to get online whenever time allows ( usually when the wife and kid are tucked up in bed). I tend to get more pleasure if not more from the editor, still discovering new ways of doing things whenever I'm on it. I love movies, mostly Crime and Horror, especially the latter. I use to write for a now defunct website called in my spare time. I also write some short horror/bizarre fiction ( unpubished). I also dabble in the Rockstar Emblem editor I have my own crew under a different account called Clubhouse Customs. So if your looking for a patch for your M.C. or an emblem prop for your next movie project. I'm your man I'll do it free of charge too.

I'm on Xbox Live my GT is HORRORCIDE and my R star Social Club I.D. is EL-MACABRO ( or MAUDE-ECCLES for emblems)

That's about it for now. Looking forward to seeing some of your guys awesome works, and hopefully we could collaborate on something in the future.
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