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This is a place for criminals/video editors of every walk of life... To come and meet like minded people, collaborate and set up projects that can only help each others channel's get some extra recognition.

There is no boss!! We are a film making company out to clean our cash,we are all equal here

This is a kinda clubhouse/legitimate business,all are welcome.

Crime pays...n what better way to wash your dirty money...than to pump it into the movie business here in los santos...all we want to see is your stand out moments from the life you lead in Los Santos as a criminal,either as a lone wolf or part of whatever type of crew your in..this is the place to show off what you've recorded.



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16 hours ago Ranscan
Hi all, I've entered a video in the gunrunning contest and really would appreciate any support you can give. Thanks
and hope you like my work.

#GUNRUNNING - Contest Entry - This Mystic Decade - Abolish Government l/Silent Majority - PS4 RE ... C60

24th May Ranscan
40 MARKERS [Gta Short Machinima]

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29th May Richie Scorsese(Xb1)
Hows it going fellow Directors....The great 8bit bastard is going to be doing a QnA session for our great crew.

Stay tuned for more details
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3rd Jun Merathius replied to the topic My baddies.
Something new

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14th Jun Ranscan
Part two of my short machinima series

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4 days ago Aldo Tavani
GUNRUNNERS coming soon
Stay tuned for trailer
18th Jun A.B. Tahsin received the award Welcome to the business

There's no business like show business...

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16th Jun A.B. Tahsin just joined our community, welcome!
17th May Richie Scorsese(Xb1) created a new topic Useful Websites
Here are some free music and SFX websites you might find useful, feel free to a...
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